At Sundance Therapy, we believe in the healing of the outdoors. From high exercise levels, to sitting back to relax, there are many different activities we provide that will have you challenged in a positive way. We will find the right attitudes and equipment, for safety and success. We will grade and customize any activity to ensure participation, enjoyment and an overall feeling of accomplishment! We understand the importance and value that positive, new experiences can have on our character. We hope to raise the expectations, for our clients to live lifetimes of 'once in a lifetime experiences'. The beautiful mountains of Colorado offer much through the continuous changing of seasons and we hope to embrace the fruits of each...just as with our many individual participants!!

New Additions: Ask About Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Gardening, In-line skating, Biking, Swimming, Rock-climbing!!!! All made possible by our new and increasing partnerships throughout the community!!


One of our main activities at our new location is animal care. This includes feeding and watering animals, moving them from pastures to paddocks, and giving them general TLC! We enjoy discussing the nature of each animal and what makes them happy and thrive. We honor principles put forth by Dr. Temple Grandin when it comes to encouraging and supporting each animals' true nature and tendencies. Joel Salatin calls it the "The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs"!!


With our new location comes new opportunities for starting seeds, building garden beds, raking mulch, and setting up watering systems. Cool, running water on a hot day is what this is all about! We enjoy the many opportunities that gardening and working in the dirt gives us to 'ground' our sensory systems!


​From novice to beginner to intermediate, we will be offering a couple ski days each year at various snow skiing (resort and lift only) areas. We can provide transportation (with a gas fee), and recommend places for rent, or purchase of ski equipment, lift tickets, etc. We can also get group rates depending on numbers of participants. This will be our 3rd year bringing clients up!


We love a day on the water. From raft-floats, boats, or land, on rivers, lakes and ponds, we fly-fish and use rod-and-reel with all kinds of bait for all kinds of fish. We obey all posted laws, and are experts in getting untangled :) We can recommend the best places to fish that are wheelchair accessible, and have plenty of life jackets. See below information on lifetime fishing licenses for colorado residents with disabilities:

Free Lifetime Fishing License for CO residents with permanent disabilities

Click here:


Taking a hike... What's better than a trek in the great outdoors? There are many beautiful parks in Douglas, Jefferson counties, as well as beyond, to experience Mother Nature in her glory. Open to requests. Preparation, time, distance, fatigue, season, water, and snacks will all be necessary variables in successful trips. Discussion of clear, achievable and enjoyable goals and experiences will help ensure positive outcomes (and plenty of peanut butter and jelly!). Once day-hikes are completed, the next step is overnighters!! These will be determined based on the many variables for success. 

Trail Riding

The above variables to success will be major pieces for planning trail rides. Our horses will be teaching mindfulness every step. 

Ranch/Farm vocational opportunities

Do you think you can cut it working on a ranch or farm? Is working with animals, big and small, a dream of yours? Is planting, growing and maintaining a food-based year-round garden exciting to you? We will have horticulture and agricultural opportunities based on small-scale farming and ranching, including raising chickens, pigs, and cattle. Our commitment to sustainable practices, through protecting the environment we serve, extends to the table! Try telling our clients that moving cattle is not therapeutic!!!

Through our partnerships, we hope to provide unique opportunities for families, individuals, couples, and communities, focusing on abilities, fun, and positivity, within the beauty of the Colorado landscape. 

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