Are you devoted to bringing the love for the outdoors to others? Do you feel you have something special to bring to our underserved population? Do you have a history in healthcare and are wanting to practice in a new environment? Do you want to learn more about Sustainable Healthcare, Autism, or any physical, emotional, or intellectual disabilities that are common today? Just interested in outdoor therapies and don't know where to start? Give us a call or email! We feel that all individuals have gifts that need to be shared. Use our platform!!

Team: Humans

Jeff Galloway, OTR

Owner/Operator. Occupational Therapist in practice since 2005, with variety of experiences from hospitals, to clinics, to home health, and recently a barn. Leading the charge to bring the outdoor experience to people of all ages with disabilities and special needs.


Stacy Mowbray, Administrator

Stacy joined us this past year to help with all things administrative. She's gotten quickbooks, schedules, intake packets and newsletters in a breeze. She's even got horse-leading down! Good friends like Stacy and her husband Todd, don't come around often! Stay tuned, you'll be hearing from her soon!

Desi Kameka, MTS

Tour guide, navigator, jill-of-all-trades. Background in Theology, passion for those less fortunate. Specialist in Autism. Originally from Miami and has lived in Colombia, Switzerland, Austria, Washington DC and now the great state of Colorado. She loves teaching survival in all environments. 


Allison Braverman, COTA

Allison worked with us as an OTA Student the summer of 2019 and has stayed on seeing clients ever since! She loves fly fishing and being outdoors as much as possible! That's why her other job is in the bike shop at REI !!


Jennifer Flemming, COTA

Jennifer found us through a job search and boy, did we luck out!! Jen was a little board with some other OT clinics and working with our clients and animals suits her to a "T"!! Jen has kids in college and about to graduate high school. She also refinishes furniture and has an antique shop in 2 locations in Denver!!


Kristina Ward, COTA

Kristina worked with us during her Level 1 fieldwork and we hoped she'd be back. As an owner of 9 horses, and a menagerie at her own farm, this type of practice is natural. She has taken her HPOT course and also works with us at the Temple Grandin Equine Center at Colorado State University.


Lisa Olson, COTA

Lisa lives in Monument and enjoys the country living. She says this job provides her with the ability to maintain her bee hive(s) at home. She has a wonderful family and 3 gorgeous daughters in various stages of adulthood, including college and higher education. 

Andrea Buckler, OTA

Andrea was an OTA student and friend before Sundance Therapy was an idea! We are lucky to have her back working with clients again!!


Joan Eckrich, OTR

Joan Eckrich is a native North Dakotan, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy with a minor in Psychology. She has practice Occupational Therapy for over 30 years, and is a member of AOTA, the American Occupational Therapy Association, AHA, American Hippotherapy Association, and PATH Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International. Joan has specialized in equine assisted Occupational Therapy sense 2018 and is excited to bring her experience, love for horses, and children to Temple Grandin Equine Center, via Sundance Therapy. 

Team: Animals


Youthfully exuberant. Impulsive. Inquisitive. Very social and interested in the treats that you must have in your pocket. Namesake of the business and life-changer. Will test you until you are sure.


Born Halloween 2017. 6 months old and loving life. Plays hard. Naps hard. Too excited to sit when she meets you, but knows she should. Likes Loves chasing chickens. Loves her trainer, Mrs. Patti. Not sure what to do with pigs.


An old soul. Wise beyond his years. Had a tough ranch upbringing but has found a home here. Works hard for those he trusts. Will test you until he is sure. 



These 2 steers came to us from a seed stock program we met through the Douglas County Open Space Parks. They can be very sensitive to our pressure, especially when in their shed! They teach pressure and flight zones!


Bronco was brought as a rescue, from a discouraging situation last summer. But he has not looked back and gained about 200 lbs of muscle. He has a lot of experience and although worthy of his name, is gentle and loves to please his humans.



Some of us have names, we are fosters and adoptees as well as homegrown hens and roosters. We teach gentleness, calm, and graded movements. We are experts in the unexpected and produce your breakfast. 


Full-blooded Durocs. 3 little pigs.  Born January 18th in a snowstorm, and came to Sundance on March 18th in a snowstorm. Really like Avocados, brewer's grain and your shoes for snacking.

Our flock started with a free show goat, named Trooper. We also added a couple goats that came when we bought a horse trailer. One of those, Delilah, was pregnant. Surprise! 3 more last October. Flower, Flynn and Feisty Flash are quite a set of triplets. All together they are the best weed-eaters on the block!




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