Individualized Outdoor Experiences and Vocational Opportunities for Adventurers with Unique Needs



As an Occupational Therapist, I've worked in many settings. The beautiful Colorado parks, open spaces, ranches, and farms are my favorites. Please join me in Elizabeth, CO on our therapy ranch and throughout Colorado, pushing the boundaries and limits for those with disabilities, that desire a more meaningful relationship with nature. 


What activities can you think of that you would like to complete outside in Colorado? We offer nature-based, small animal and Equine-Assisted Occupational Therapy on our sustainable, farm clinic in rural CO, as well as through our partnerships in and around the Denver Metro area.


Offering Medicaid-approved Occupational Therapy via outpatient and vocational training services, with focus on ADA-approved (accessible and safe) parks, ponds, piers, trails, hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, streams, pastures, and woodlands! Come visit us at our new location and small farm located in Elizabeth, CO!!

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Jeff, owner and Occupational Therapist featured in short video in partnership with Colorado State University's Temple Grandin Equine Center in Denver

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Jeff, Sundance's Owner and Occupational Therapist, was briefly featured in Douglas County Open Space Day 2017 video: